100 ml bottle: ৳ 90.00
200 ml bottle: ৳ 180.00
300 ml bottle: ৳ 260.00


This Syrup is indicated in multivitamin & multimineral deficiencies in:
  • Adults (especially who cannot intake supplements in solid dosage forms e.g. tablet and who suffer gastrointestinal side effects after taking solid dosage forms).
  • Children of all ages & infants.


Each 5 ml (1 teaspoonful) Syrup contains: Vitamin A (as Retinol Palmitate) 425 IU, Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) 425 IU, Vitamin C 67.50 mg, Vitamin D3 137.50 IU, Vitamin E 10 IU, Vitamin B1 1 mg, Riboflavin 1 mg, Niacin 5 mg, Vitamin B6 1 mg, Folic acid 67.50 mcg, Vitamin B12 3 mcg, Biotin 32.50 mcg, Pantothenic Acid 3.50 mg, Calcium 27.50 mg, Iodine 25 mcg, Magnesium 7.5 mg, Zinc 2.50 mg, Selenium 17.50 mcg, Manganese 0.75 mg, Chromium 3.50 mcg, Potassium 7 mg, Para-Amino Benzoic Acid 0.50 mg, Inositol 10 mg, Choline 4.116 mg.


This Syrup is a well balanced supplement containing 24 nutritional elements which include vitamins, minerals & trace elements for the adults & for the all ages of children. This Syrup keeps oneself sharp and physically and mentally active. Stresses and strains of today's life are causing hypertension, diabetes, heart disorders, depression, memory loss and arthritis to the elderly. Some of the declines seniors experience may not be totally age related, but may be caused by poor nutrition, unhealthy eating habits. Research has shown that many times adults fail to get the balanced nutrition that is necessary for proper and healthy bodily functions. As a result, the vital organs of the body begin to break down and illnesses are the result. This Syrup provides optimum nutrition to the senior citizens who cannot intake or tolerate supplements in solid dosage forms like tablet or capsule. Moreover, This Syrup provides the optimal dosage of the essential vitamins and minerals with trace elements for infants and children of all ages. Its essential nutrients support healthy developments, strong immune function and emotional and mental vitality of children. This Syrup contains the primary antioxidant vitamins-C, E & A and minerals - Zn, Se & Mn. All of these elements support immune function, and protect the body from harmful free radicals by neutralizing toxins, helping the body detoxify and eliminating these chemicals; thereby allowing the immune system be more effective and vital on other fonts. The B vitamins are all actively involved helping nervous system functions (learning, memory, managing stress) correctly. Folic acid helps the body digest, assimilate protein and produce RBCs and DNA. Biotin is also involved in DNA/RNA production and fats and oils metabolism which is why it can affect the hair and skin so well. PABA is used to improve the protein used in the body, it relates to red blood cell formation as well as it assists the manufacture of folic acid in the intestines. PABA is an antioxidant nutrient that inhibits the formation of the damaging free radicals. Choline is an essential component of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is involved in regulating sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory.

Dosage & Administration

For adults: 3-4 teaspoonfuls daily
For children of 4-12 years: 2 - 3 teaspoonfuls daily
For children of 1-4 years: 1-2 teaspoonfuls daily
For infants up to 1 year: 1 teaspoonful daily, or as directed by the physician.


Generally no interactions have been observed.


The product is contraindicated in patients with a known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of this product.

Side Effects

Generally the product is well tolerated.

Pregnancy & Lactation

The specific information is not available in this respect.

Precautions & Warnings

Supplement should not be used in over dosage or should not be used long time without the recommendation by a physician.

Therapeutic Class

Multi-vitamin & Multi-mineral combined preparations

Storage Conditions

Keep below 30°C temperature, away from light & moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.