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Fluorescein does not stain a normal cornea but conjunctival abrasions are stained yellow or orange, corneal abrasions or ulcers are stained a bright green and foreign bodies are surrounded by a green ring. Fluorescein can be used in diagnostic examinations including Goldmann tonometry and in the fitting of hard contact lenses

Therapeutic Class

Preparations for Ophthalmic diagnosis


Fluorescein sodium responds to electromagnetic radiation and light between the wavelengths of 465- 490 nm and fluoresces, i.e., emits light at wavelengths of 520-530 nm. Thus, the hydrocarbon is excited by blue light and emits light that appears yellowish-green. Following intravenous injection of fluorescein sodium in an aqueous solution, the unbound fraction of the fluorescein can be excited with a blue light flash from a fundus camera as it circulates through the ocular vasculature, and the yellowish green fluorescence of the dye is captured by the camera. In the fundus, the fluorescence of the dye demarcates the retinal and/or choroidal vasculature under observation, distinguishing it from adjacent areas/structures.

Dosage & Administration

Aid in the fitting of hard contact lenses, Detection of corneal lesions and foreign bodies, Diagnostic ophthalmic procedures:
  • Adult: Apply 1% or 2% solution as eye drops or as sterile papers impregnated with fluorescein sodium. May also be given in combination with a local anaesthetic: as a 0.25% solution with oxybuprocaine HCl or proxymetacaine HCl.


None known


Acute necrotising pancreatitis (oral fluorescein dilaurate).

Side Effects

Nausea and vomiting (IV); extravasation is painful; hypersensitivity reactions; transient yellow coloration of skin and urine; staining of the skin, clothing and soft contact lenses.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Safety for use in pregnancy and lactation has not been established, therefore use only when considered essential by the physician

Precautions & Warnings

Special care should be taken to avoid microbial contamination. Pseudomonas aeruginosa grows well in fluorescein solutions, therefore, a single dose solution is preferred.

Storage Conditions

Store below 25°C. Do not freeze. Protect from light.