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Tablets for solution 4 mg, are used for making water free form Bacteria and Germs responsible for water borne diseases. The mass of each tablet is 100 mg which releases 2 mg of chlorine sufficient to chlorinate 1 liter of water. Dissolve one tablet in one litre of water to be treated and allow 30 minutes  time to react. Water will then be ready for potable purposes.


Halazone's disinfecting activity is mainly due to the hypochlorous acid (HClO) released by hydrolysis of the chlorine-nitrogen bonds when the product is dissolved in water: (R1)(R2)NCl+H2O → HOCl+(R1)(R2)NH

The hypochlorous acid is a powerful oxidizer and chlorinating agent that destroys or denatures many organic compounds.

Halazone Tablets have a prominent status among water purification tablets for ensuring hygienic quality of water with its effective bactericidal activity in water. Halazone Tablets are a powerful purifier of drinking water in small quantities.

Dosage & Administration

4 mg: To treat 1 liter water.
20 mg: To treat 5 liter water
40 mg: To treat 10 liters water.
80 mg: To treat 20 liters water.
100 mg: To treat 25 liters water.
200 mg: To treat 50 liters water.
400 mg: To treat 100 liters water.

Therapeutic Class

Water purifying agent

Storage Conditions

Should be stored in cool and dry place.