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30 gm tube: ৳ 187.00


Fenticonazole Nitrate is used for the treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis.


Fenticonazole is a broad-spectrum antimycotic agent with activity against dermatophytes and yeasts. Fenticonazole has also been shown to exhibit antibacterial action, with a spectrum of activity that includes bacteria commonly associated with vaginal infections and antiparasitic action against the protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis. Therefore, Fenticonazole may be an ideal topical alternative to multi-agent treatment of mixed infections involving mycotic, bacterial, dermatophyte and/or Trichomonas spp.


Route of application is intravaginal. For adults, one applicator full (about 5 gm) is to be administered into the vagina in the morning and evening for three days.

After each application, clean it carefully with warm water and soap. Do not use water which is hotter than 50°C or solvents. Then wipe the applicator and store in its packet. Always wash your hands with mild soap and warm water afterwards. Fenticonazole is not greasy and can easily be removed with water.


Follow the instructions to use Fenticonazole cream-
  • Screw the applicator onto the tube in place of the cap.
  • Squeeze the tube gently at its lower end, so as to fill the applicator at 5 gm mark. Unless prescribed by the physician, the applicator must be completely filled up to 5 gm.
  • After taking measured amount cream, remove the applicator from the tube, which should be closed immediately with the cap.
  • In a lying down position, with knees raised and spread apart, delicately insert the applicator into the vagina as deeply as possible. Push the piston to penetrate cream completely, then pull out the applicator without touching the piston.


Not investigated. Since systemic absorption of Fenticonazole after application is low, interactions with other drugs are unlikely.


Hypersensitivity to Fenticonazole or any component of the formulation.

Side Effects

After intravaginal administration, slight transient burning may occasionally occur, which usually disappears rapidly.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Since there is no data of use during pregnancy or lactation, So Fenticonazole should not be used without physician's advice.

Precautions & Warnings

It should not be used in conjunction with barrier contraceptives. In the event of a hypersensitivity reaction or development of resistant organisms, treatment should be discontinued and take physician consultation.

Use in Special Populations

The use of Fenticonazole vaginal cream in children is not recommended.

Overdose Effects

Because of the low systemic absorption after vaginal application, overdosage is unlikely.

Therapeutic Class

Topical Antifungal preparations

Storage Conditions

Protect from light & moisture. Keep below 30° C temperature, protected from light & moisture. Do not freeze. Keep out of the reach of children.