Waxsol ear drops is indicated as an aid in the removal of ear wax.


Ear wax which often obstructs the external auditory meatus of the ear contains less than 50% of fatty matter derived from secretions of the sebaceous ceruminous glands. The majority of the wax consists of desquamated epithelium, foreign matter and shed hairs. This non-fatty material forms a matrix holding together the granules of fatty matter to form the ceruminous mass. The addition of oils or solvents binds the mass more firmly together, but aqueous solutions, if they are able to penetrate the matrix, cause a disintegration of the ceruminous mass. Docusate Sodium ear drops, because of their low surface tension and miscibility, rapidly penetrate the dry matrix of the ceruminous mass, reducing the solid ear wax to a semi-solid debris.


Adults (including the elderly): Apply Docusate Sodium ear drops sufficient to fill the affected ear on not more than two consecutive nights.

Children (from 1 year): As for adult dose.

If the Docusate Sodium is not ejected, ear-syringing might be required, patients should consult their doctor.


To apply, tilt head to one side so that the ear is facing up. Then gently pull the ear lobe up & backward in case of adults and children older than 3 years. In case of pediatric patients gently pull the ear lobe down & backward. Gently drip the Docusate Sodium ear drops into blocked ear until it is full. Moisten a cotton wool ball with Docusate Sodium ear drops. Place the cotton wool ball in the ear to act like a plug. In the morning remove the cotton wool ball.


Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction: Unknown.


Docusate Sodium is contraindicated in patients with perforation of the eardrum or inflammation of the ear.

Side Effects

Immune system disorders: hypersensitivity/allergic reactions; Skin disorders: contact dermatitis and allergic skin reactions; General disorders: Application site reactions rarely including transient stinging or irritation may occur.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Docusate Sodium can be used in case of pregnancy & lactation. As it is a non-systemic application, there is no information to suggest that Docusate Sodium ear drops should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Precautions & Warnings

If pain or inflammation is experienced, treatment should be discontinued.

Overdose Effects

Excess Waxsol ear drops may seep from the ear and treatment of any resulting adverse events, such as skin irritation should be symptomatic.

Therapeutic Class


Storage Conditions

Keep away from light and moisture, store below 25°C.