Powder for Solution

Doxacil-Vet Powder for Solution

100 mg/gm
10 gm pack: ৳ 17.38 (10's pack: ৳ 173.80)
100 gm pack: ৳ 168.50
500 gm pack: ৳ 830.00


Doxacil-Vet powder is indicated for local & systemic infections of livestock & poultry due to gram-positive & gram-negative Bacteria, Protozoa, Rickettsiae, Mycoplasma etc.

For Poultry: The drug is indicated for the prevention & treatment of Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Infectious Coryza, Colibacillosis, Fowl cholera, Fowl typhoid, Infectious synovitis, Mycoplasmosis & Salmonellosis, Chlamydiosis & Necrotic enteritis etc.

For Large Animal: Doxacil-Vet-Vet powder is indicated in the treatment of primary and secondary respiratory infections caused by Pasteurella haemolytica. Pasteurella multocida, Actinobacillus spp. Bordetella bronchoseptica, Streptococcus, Mycoplasma spp.etc. It is also indicated in Pyoderma caused by Staphylococcus; in otitis media, Prostitis, Calf scour etc.

Highlighting Points:
  • Absorption rate is fair.
  • Single dose due to Long half-life (18-22 hours).
  • Easily cross Blood Brain Barrier & gives quick action.
  • Great affinity to the lung tissues therefore especially useful for the treatment of bacterial respiratory infections.
  • Administered in renal insufficiency.
  • Active against some common antibiotics-resistant bacteria.
  • Especially useful for treating tick-borne bacterial diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.


Doxycycline is under group of Tetracycline’s which bind to the 30s ribosomal subunit of bacterial ribosome and interfere with the binding of aminoacyl-tRNA to the mRNA molecule in ribosome complex. Thereby interfere with bacterial protein synthesis in growing or multiplying bacteria. Leading to bacteriostatic but higher concentration results bacteriocidal action.

Dosage & Administration

Poultry: Treatment- 1 gram/2 litre of drinking water for 3-7 days.
For the prevention of early chick mortality: 1 gm/4 liter of drinking water for 3-4 days.
Large Animal: 15-30 mg/kg body weight for 3-7 days.


Should not be taken with antacids, other alkalis e.g. calcium, magnesium and iron; penicillin, anticoagulants and anticonvulsants.


Doxycycline is contraindicated to poultry & animals with known hypersensitivity to any of the tetracyclines.

Side Effects

At recommended doses the drug is well tolerated. Side effect is almost nil. Overdosing of Doxacil-Vet to veal calves can occasionally lead to degeneration of heart muscle.

Precautions & Warnings

It should not be given to dogs and cats which are pregnant or lactating.

Withdrawal Period: For large animal is 8 days & that of Broiler is 4 days.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool & dry place. Protect from sunlight & moisture. Keep out of reach of children.