Oral Solution

Es-ADE Oral Solution

(100000 IU+20000 IU+20 mg)/ml
100 ml bottle: ৳ 166.50
500 ml bottle: ৳ 782.35
1000 ml bottle: ৳ 1,454.37


Use of Vitamin A, D3 & E Solution-
  • Poultry: Vitamin A, D3 & E deficiency, during vaccination, problems in fertility, hatching & incubation, feather picking, cannibalism, prevention of testicular degeneration in cock & lower ovum production in layer breeder.
  • Livestock: Prevention of testicular degeneration & lower ovum production, blindness, weakness, dullness, anorexia, rickets, during vaccination, after treatment of bacterial diseases & before parturition.
  • Restore the deficiency of vitamin A, D 3 & E of growing & laying birds.
  • Helps to increase the body weight & egg production.
  • Very effective in restoring vitamin deficiency due to different infections as well as parasitic disease treatment.
  • Concomitant use with vaccination helps to increase immunity.
  • Use of Es-ADE at the beginning of laying ensures expected production & size of egg very quickly.
Use of Vitamin A, D3 & E Injection-
  • This Injection is effective for breeding purpose of male & female animal. It also maintains epithelial tissue of the skin. It is particularly needed for calcium & phosphorous absorption that will maintain the growth of bone of animal. It is also effective to reduce tendency of different muscular diseases of animal.
  • This Injection prevents vitamin A, D 3 & E deficiency syndrome
  • This Injection increases fertility
  • This Injection improves immunity
  • This Injection enhances metabolism & promotes growth
  • This Injection helps in the formation & preservation of epithelial tissue
  • This Injection helps in the development of skeleton & teeth of young animal
  • This Injection prevents stress associated with vaccination, diseases, transport, high temperature etc.

Dosage & Administration

Dosage of Vitamin A, D3 & E Solution-
  • Poultry: 1-5 ml per liter of drinking water during 3-5 consecutive days
  • Cattle, Horses: 5-10 ml per animal during 2-3 consecutive days
  • Calves, Foals: 5 ml per animal during 2-3 consecutive days
  • Sheep & Goats: 2-3 ml per animal during 2-3 consecutive days
Generally, one-day treatment is sufficient, if necessary repeat after one week or as prescribed by the registered veterinary doctor.

Dosage of Vitamin A, D3 & E injection: For intramuscular or subcutaneous administration.
  • Cattle, Buffalo, Horse: 5-10 ml
  • Calf: 2-5 ml
  • Sheep, Goat: 2-4 ml Or as prescribed by the registered veterinary doctor.


The drug should not be used in animal hypersensitive to any of its active ingredients.

Side Effects

There is no prominent side effect of Es-ADE while used in recommended dosage. Side effects have been reported with specific vitamins, but at level substantially higher than those in Es-ADE.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Safe drug for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool & dry place. Use as early as possible after opening the container. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from reach of children.