Powder for Solution

Eskapar Powder for Solution

100 gm pack: ৳ 173.42


Eskapar is used in infestations produced by nematode sensitive to piperazine, namely Ascaris, Oxyuris, some Strongyloides & Trichuris. The high doses are required to disinfect in case of poliparasitism makes Eskapar the anthelmintic of selection due to its low toxicity. It is safely active against all adult forms as well as against some evolutive stages of worms where it is found to be a drug of first choice.

Highlighting Points:
  • Can be administered easily by mixing with dry food.
  • as it is soluble in water so it can also be administered with liquid food
  • Dose not hamper water and feed intake
  • In recommended dose it has no side effects


When exposed to Piperazine, worms suffer from hyperpolarization of their muscles which produces a reversible paralysis that prevents them from maintaining their position in the host’s gut, and they are voided with the feces.

Dosage & Administration

Cattle, Buffalo: 25-50 gm/100 kg body weight.
Horse: 25-30 gm/100 kg body weight.
Sheep, Goat: 4-8 gm/10 kg body weight.
Dog, Cat: 1-2.5 gm/10 kg body weight.

Poultry: 250 mg/kg or use according to the following dosage schedule:

10 gm powder in 6-8 litre of drinking Or 3.5 kg feed: 100 chicken (4-6 weeks) or 50-60 pullet or 20-30 layers


The drug is contraindicated in poultry & animals with known hypersensitivity to active ingredients or renal failure.

Side Effects

Eskapar is very safe to use, the only occasional side effects are emesis and softening of the feces.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Piperazine may be administered to pregnant animals. However, risk/necessity should be considered during use in pregnant & lactating animals.

Precautions & Warnings

Food and drinking water should be stopped before 12 hours of administration of the drug.
Withdrawal Period-
  • Poultry: Meat- 2 days, Egg- 2 days.
  • Cattle: Meat- 1.5 days, Milk- 1 day.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool & dry place, out of reach of children. Protect from light and moisture and keep away from food.