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100 gm pack: ৳ 152.00
500 gm pack: ৳ 670.00
1 kg pack: ৳ 1,517.26


Colistin Sulfate is indicated in Salmonellosis.


Colistin sulphate is a cyclopeptide antibiotic belongs to the polymixin therapeutic class and identical to polymixin E. Colistin is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by sensitive bacteria in poultry and large animal. It causes disorganization of bacterial cell membrane with leakage of intracellular materials and thus inhibits bacterial oxidative metabolism. Resistance to colistin is uncommon.

Dosage & Administration

Broiler, Shonali, Layer and Breeder: 1ml/2-4 liter water for 3-5 days.

Cattle, Calf, Goat and sheep: 1ml/40 kg body weight twice daily for 3-5 days. Or as Directed by the registered Veterinarian.

Therapeutic Class

Other antibiotic

Storage Conditions

Store below 30 degree centigrade temperature. Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.