2 ml bottle: ৳ 60.00 (2 x 5: ৳ 600.00)


A-cerumen: Ear hygiene is as important as keeping our noses and mouths clean. The ear plays a fundamental role in perception and communication every day. Every day, the ears are exposed to the use of invasive equipment (headphones, earpieces hearing aids) and polluted and dusty environments. Intensively used, the ears can produce excess earwax which over time leads to the formation of earwax plugs. A good ear hygiene routine is necessary and indispensable for maintaining a clean external ear canal. A-CERUMEN is a 2-in-1 solution which is a sure, gentle and effective way of keeping the whole family’s ears clean. Based on Surfactant plant-based ingredients, and with a preservative-free formula, A-CERUMEN makes it easier to remove earwax plugs, dissolving them and preventing them from forming. The use of A-CERUMEN does not require any rinsing. It is a real alternative to mechanical extraction by an ENT specialist. Non-irritating and easy to use, it can be used on children from the age of six months.

Marimer Unidose
: Marimer Unidose has composition which  is identical to that of the isotonic spray. Its indications are similar. The unidose is especially useful for travelling. MARIMER Unidose is a 100% natural product, sterile and preservative free. Naturally rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements, MARIMER  Unidose is recommended for use in babies, children of all ages, and adults for the daily cleansing of the nasal cavities, notably in the event of a blocked or dry nose.  Since Marimer Unisdose is in Vials, it can be administered to everyone in the family. Its composition is the same as Marimer SIotonic Baby and Isotonic Spray. MARIMER  is recommended for use by the whole family: for the daily cleansing of the nasal cavities, to humidify dry nasal mucosa, and as a complement to treatments for ENT disorders.

Menova: With the increase of age, women experience some serious health risks due to several hormonal imbalances. Their QUALITY of LIFE is severely hampered when it comes to maintain their normal lifestyle. Starting from the appetite they undergo some common yet unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms which should be addressed. To mitigate those symptoms and improve the overall QUALITY of LIFE some nutrients & vitamins will be suitable option. But unfortunately, in Bangladesh market there are no such products which can easily help those aging women with a single therapy until Now.

Pregnova: In pregnancy, the requirement of nutrients & vitamins increases to nourish both the mother & the baby throughout all of the trimesters. During pregnancy, baby is totally reliant on what mother eats as their only source of nourishment. So even with a good diet, extra specific nutrients may be very important around the time of pregnancy. Thus, doctors prescribe additional vitamins & minerals for pregnant woman during the whole period of pregnancy.

Diabetasol: Diabetasol is a nutritional milk-based drink specially formulated for people with diabetes. It contains Vitadigest, a combination of slow-release carbohydrates and fiber. As a meal replacement, it releases energy slowly, causing lower blood glucose response for longer periods than regular meals. It’s sugar-free, low-sodium and has zero cholesterol and trans fatty acids, a perfect drink to keep diabetes in check and reduce the risk for heart diseases. It also helps with diet control and weight maintenance.

Marimer Hypertonic Baby: MARIMER  Hypertonic Baby, a natural product, is a hypertonic solution of sterile, micro diffused seawater. Naturally rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements MARIMER  hypertonic nasal spray is recommended for the cleansing and decongestion of the nasal cavities, notably in the event of rhinitis, sinusitis, or for postoperative care. It can be used to clear the mucosae and thus decongest the nose. Marimer Hypertonic Baby has a specailly designed nozzle which makes it easier to administer it to children. Marimer is  recommeded for babies and young Children as they have not developed the habit of blowing their nose or the concept of Nasal Hygine. MARIMER  is recommended for use by the whole family: for the daily cleansing of the nasal cavities, to humidify dry nasal mucosa, and as a complement to treatments for ENT disorders.

Omega 3 Egg: O3 eggs contain all three types of fatty acids and are now available at Agora, Lavender, Meena Bazaar, Didar and other selected stores. Each O3 Egg contains at least 150mg of ALA, at least 5mg of EPA, and at least 100mg of DHA.

Purnava Folate Enriched Egg: Purnava Folate Enriched egg especially benefits- Children, Adolescents, Pregnant women. Purnava Folate Enriched egg keeps children, adolescents, and pregnant women healthy by:
  • Making healthy red and white blood cells
  • Producing DNA and RNA
  • Breaking down food into nutrients
Vitamin E Egg: Naturally farm chicken eggs are little source of vitamin E, it contents about less than 1mg per egg. Whereas Purnava Vitamin E enriched eggs are produced by adding extra Alpha Tochopherol (Vitamin E) and about 50% daily values can be met by taking 1 average size E enriched egg per day. Purnava E eggs come from hens feed completely natural vegetable feed sources and do not use any animal source. Hens farmed in friendly environment and free from Salmonella. Purnava E egg is free of chemicals, chromium, antibiotics or hormones as well.

Therapeutic Class

Herbal and Nutraceuticals

Storage Conditions

Keep below 30°C temperature, away from light & moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.
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