Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Established 2002
Market Share 2.29%
Growth 22.79%
Total generics 280
Total brands 427
Headquarter 17 Shukrabad, West Panthopath Dhaka-1207
Contact details +880-1833332352-55; +880-2-9102850-3
Fax +880-2-9134054; +880-2-9134096
Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (PPL) was established in 8 December 2002, with a vision to lead the branded generics market in Bangladesh with a high quality, diversified range of life saving and vital molecules. It is now a vertically integrated generic pharmaceuticals formulation products manufacturer, marketer, promoter and distributor. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system and is continuously updating the same. The company has state-of-the-art factory in Bangladesh having eight separate and dedicated modern manufacturing facilities. High production capacity of PPL is now being utilized for its own products portfolio as well as for toll manufacturing of specialty products for 18 leading pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh.

PPL has a strong presence in the domestic pharmaceutical market with regards to prescription share & sales. Popular is now among one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh by revenue and ranked as one of the most rapid growing companies in the country. PPL’s remarkable growth within a very short span of time has resulted mainly from its product diversification coupled with many “high-tech-high-science” product launches. It sales has also been powered by its knowledge-based medico-marketing promotional activities by its skilled marketing and sales people.
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The company has a strong focus on strengthening its international export business. PPL has achieved significant volume of pharma exports within a very short time. More than 100 products have already been registered in different countries and the company is exporting products to 26 countries either directly or through its overseas agents.

Top brands