This is indicated in-
  • Haemorrhoid
  • Bleeding piles
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Hyperacidity
  • Carminative


Each 5 ml contains-
  • Terminalia chebula 0.91 gm
  • Vitis vinifera 0.45 gm
  • Madhuca indica 72.46 mg
  • Embelia ribes 72.46 mg
  • Tribulus terrestris 14.49 mg
  • Piper chaba 14.49 mg
  • Coriandrum sativum 14.49 mg
  • Zingiber officinale 14.49 mg
  • Operculina turpethum 14.49 mg
  • Salmalia malabarica 14.49 mg and other ingredients with excipients as required.


This is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine. It Is a combination of several medicinal plants that are effective to cure Haemorrhoid Bleeding piles, Constipation and Indigestion. It also acts as Antacid and Carminative. It is aimed to treat male and female patients of all age groups for oral administration.


Terminalia chebula: It contains chebulinic acid, tannic acid, gallic acid, resin, tannin and glycoside. It prevents haemorrhoid, bleeding, constipation and improve digestive power.

Vitis vinifera: It contains sugar gum, tannin, tartaric, citric, racemic and malic acids, chlondes of potassium and sodium, iron, albumin etc. It is used as demulcent, diuretic, laxative, stomachic and tonic. It is also used in dyspepsia.

Madhuca indica: It contains glycoside saponin, sapogenin, B-sitosterol and sterol glucoside. It is used in haemorrhoids and constipation.

Embelia ribes: It contains hydroquinone embelin alkaloid christembine, tannin, quercifol and volatile oil that have carminative, laxative, stomachic and anthelmintic activities. It is also used to improve digestive power.

Tribulus terrestris: It contains alkaloids, pedalitin, diosmetin and dinatin. It is cooling, tonic, and carminative. It is used in piles and remove inflammation.

Piper chaba: It contains pipperin, pippalartin, pipperleguminin, sterols, glycosides etc. It cures piles, cough and indigestion.

Coriandrum sativum: It contains a-pinene, limonene, B-phellandrene, linalool, geraniol, linalys acetate etc. It has carminative, stomachic, refrigerant and antibacterial activity. It can help to remove dyspepsia.

Zingiber officinale: It contains zingiberenen, zingerfone, terpenes, cineol, borneol, citrol, camphene, phelandrene, gingerol shogaol etc. It is digestive, carminative, stomachic ano stimulant. It also use in dyspepsia, flatulent, colic and constipation.

Operculina turpethum: It contains glycosidium resin, glycoside (turoethin) and volatile oil. If is a good laxative and helpful in other abdominal troubles. It is also helpful in managing the normal body temperature.

Salmalia malabarica: It contains minerals, starch, protein, fatty acid tannic acid and gallic acid. It is cooling, stimulant, tonic and demulcent. It is useful in haemorrhoid.

Dosage & Administration

Adult: 2-4 teaspoonful 2-3 times daily after meal.
Children: 1-2 teaspoonful 2-3 times daily after meal.


There is no absolute contraindications.

Side Effects

There is no significant side effect.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Therapeutic Class

Herbal and Nutraceuticals

Storage Conditions

Keep all medicines out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

Available Brand Names