Iron Hydroxide Dextran Complex



Calves, lambs, goat kids, piglets: Injection for prevention and treatment of iron deficiency, anemia in all forms, post helminthiasis, consecutive bleeding, infectious diseases and postpartum sepsis, and in bleeding diseases.


Iron dextran has a antianaemic action. Antianemics stimulate the formation of hemoglobin and are active in iron deficiency anemia. Following the intramuscular administration, the drug is well absorbed by the body and it is stored in the liver. From here, the body takes over the necessary quantities of iron, using them for synthesis of red blood cells and to prevent anemia states. Excess iron is going to be removed through the digestive system.

Dosage & Administration

Administered intramuscularly in 1 to 2 dots separate, in the following doses, according to animal species:

  • Prevention: 0.5 to 1 ml product/animal at 2 to 4 days after birth.
  • Treatment: 1 ml/animal
  • Prophylaxis: 2 to 4 ml product/animal in the first week of life (split into two separate dots).
  • Treatment: 3 to 6 ml product/animal (given in two consecutive days in two separate dots in the maximum amount of 3 ml/day).
Lambs, Goats:
  • Prevention: 0.5 ml product/animal at 2 to 4 days after birth.
  • Treatment: 1 ml product/animal
  • If clinical signs of anemia it may be administered a second dose in the third or fourth week of life.
Adult Sheep, Goats and Calf: 3-4 ml per animal

Cattle: 5-10ml depending on the seriousness of the process


The drug is contraindicated in animals hypersensitive to any of its active ingredients.

Side Effects

At the injection site skin pigmentation can occur. Large doses can cause: siderosis, hipotemia, poisoning, state of shock and death.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not confirmed. Use only when clearly necessary.

Precautions & Warnings

For veterinary use only. To be dispensed only by or on the prescription of a registered veterinary doctor. Store in a cool & dry place. Protect from sunlight & moisture. Keep out of reach of children. Use the content as early as possible after opening.

Storage Conditions

Store below 25°C in a cool & dry place. Protect from light. Keep out of reach of children.