Organic Acids + Neem Leaf Extract



  • Reduction of harmful bacteria and fungi from drinking water and gut
  • Long term control of Salmonella, E.Coli and other harmful bacteria
  • To reduce non specific diarrhea
  • To improve digestion & FCR in poultry
  • To increase enzymatic activity
  • To enhance growth of favorable intestinal flora
  • To improve immunity & efficacy of vaccination


Each ml contains:
  • Citric Acid (91%): 160 mg
  • Formic Acid (99%): 150 mg
  • Lactic Acid (97%): 60 mg
  • Propionic Acid (96%): 160 mg
  • Sorbic Acid (90%): 40 mg
  • Neem Leaf Extract: 4%


This is Noble combination of specific organic acids & Natural Pro-Health phytoactives (e.g. Neem leaf Extract) used to lower the pH of drinking water, gut and microbial cytoplasm. Organic Acid (HCOOH) after entering into the bacterial cell dissociate into anion (-) and Proton (H+). Proton (H+) responsible for decreses pH inside the cell and simultaneously bacteria loss it’s energy to eliminate proton (H+) and Anion (-) deactivate RNA transferase enzyme. Thereby it inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganism. Organic acids & Natural Pro Health phytoactives (Neem leaf Extract) act synergistically to enhance immune function, improve feed palatability, increase animal performance and also prevent the occurrence of diarrhea. Organil pH increases average daily gain and FCR by improves digestibility of protein/amino acid and increasing bioavailability of trace elements and vitamins.

Dosage & Administration

1 ml in 4-5 Liter of drinking water. Or advised by the registered veterinarian.


No adverse side effect.

Precautions & Warnings

pH of the drinking water should not fall below 4.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light. Keep all medicine out of reach of children.

Available Brand Names