Sodium Fluoride + Butyric Acid + Amino Nitrogen + Nephromodulators + Citric Acid



To improve the renal system functioning. In the management of Gout and Ascites.

  • Ensures improvement of renal system functioning
  • Improves the bird health and performance greatly by detoxification mechanism, endogenous Vitamin C generation, reabsorption of vital nutrients/electrolytes, haemopoiesis (blood formation) etc
  • Reduces the mortality due to Gout/Ascites
  • Assists faster rejuvenation of renal tissue
  • Improves profitability of poultry farming


Each 100 ml solution contains-
  • Sodium Fluoride 1.0 mg
  • Butyric Acid 2.0 g
  • Amino Nitrogen 11.0 mg
  • Nephromodulators 4.0 mg
  • Citric Acid 1.6 g


  • Sodium Fluoride is a known kidney stimulant.
  • Butyric Acid can reduce the chances of kidney damage by pathogens
  • The role of Amino Nitrogen is to stimulate type IV hyper- sensitive reaction in system and to overcome stress and to have increased CMI, hence increased resistance and less damage to kidneys
  • Nephromodulator substances improve the physiological functioning capacity of the renal system while also rejuvenating the kidneys
  • Citric Acid acts as buffer which not only helps in maintaining pH but also act as source of diuretics to enhance urine output

Dosage & Administration

1-2 ml per liter of drinking water for 5-7 days. Or advised by the registered veterinarian.


No contraindication.

Side Effects

No side effect at recommended dose.

Precautions & Warnings

Proteins in the diet should not use more than requirement.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool & dry place protected from light. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

Available Brand Names