Combination of five natural herbs


This Capsule contains fve natural herbs which are well-known and preferred for easing female cycle discomfort and supporting build estrogen.


Each Capsule contains-
  • Melissa leaf powder 93.33 mg
  • Red Clover extract 83.33 mg
  • Fenugreek seed extract 41.67 mg
  • Lady’s mantle extract 41.67 mg
  • Monk’s pepper powder 20 mg


Combination of these fve natural herbs help to increase Progesterone and estrogen through phytohormones. Progesterone and estrogen are hormones that have an important influence on the female menstrual cycle. A lack of these hormones can cause sore breasts, pain during menstruation, hot flashes, weight gain, headache, trouble sleeping, fatigue and fluctuations in blood pressure. With a lack of progesterone, women are more often irritable and aggressive, with a lack of estrogen, a sad to depressive mood predominates. Some phytohormones are so similar to estrogen and progesterone that the body recognizes and uses them as similar. They also stimulate the body's own hormone production. In this way, herbal hormones support the organism in regaining its balance and alleviating menstrual and premenstrual symptoms.


Melissa leaf: Melissa leaf (Lemon balm leave) contains essential oil, which is medicinally effective and has several efects in the body. Firstly, it has a slightly calming and anxiolytic efect, especially on nervous and anxious people. Melissa leaf helps to fall asleep. Secondly, it relaxes the muscles in the gut, thereby relieving gas and bloating.

Red clover: Red clover contains phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen converts to estrogen and regulates the hormone balance.

Fenugreek seed: Fenugreek is an herb similar to clover and contains medicinal properties. Fenugreek seed improves levels of testosterone and estrogen. It is commonly used for menstrual cramps.

Lady's mantle: Lady's mantle is very popular as a remedy for hormonal complaints such as menstrual pain.

Monk’s pepper: Monk's pepper is particularly popular in connection with infertility and various menstrual problems, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It has a balancing effect on other symptoms that are due to an imbalance in female hormones - for example, depressive moods during menstruation.

Dosage & Administration

1 capsules 3 times a day for 3-6 months or as directed by the physician.

Side Effects

No health hazards or side efects are known in conjunction with the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Should not be used

Therapeutic Class

Herbal and Nutraceuticals

Storage Conditions

Store at cool and dry place below 25°C temperature away from direct sunlight & moisture. Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.

Available Brand Names