Herbs Marula Oil


Skin: Maya True Herbs Marula Oil supports keeps skin youthful. It removes fine lines, stops aging, and hydrates skin. It can be mixed with essential oils for better absorption.

Hair: Maya True Herbs Marula Oil softens your hair and helps to keep it moisturized. It also helps to manage frizzy hair. For better result, use Marula oil mixing with other herbal hair oils.


Square Toiletries Ltd introduce a Natural Personal Care range under an Exciting New Brand MAYA. In our hot and humid tropical weather plus the winter and heavy pollution, people need special care for body and hair. MAYA will give protection and care with the power of natural wellness because the best care can only be ensured by natural ingredients. We have collected pure ingredients from nature’s most reliable & authentic sources with which this natural solution range is being built. To prepare such fantastic and effective products in combination with nature & modern science, researchers from our country & abroad are working for years. We do welcome you to this Natural Wellness journey brought by the country’s trustworthy personal care partner Square Toiletries Limited.

MAYA TRUE HERBS 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin & Organic Marula Oil is from Africa. Being filled with natural benefits African Marula is a fantastic magical ingredient. Only a few drops of this premium oil hydrates skin deeply, removes fine lines and keeps up the youthfulness in the skin. Not only this, this multipurpose hydrating oil makes hair soft & silky. Also, MAYA TRUE HERBS Marula oil can be used mixing with any cream, lotion & hair oil to level up the hydration of Skin & Hair. And for all these MAYA TRUE HERBS Marula oil is a perfect natural solution to keep skin & hair beautiful. And followed by these two we are going to launch many more exciting Body & Hair care products.


Maya: Nature is the center of human civilization. From ancient ages, people have been depending on nature for hair and skincare. The benefit of herbal treatment is also scientifically proven. As a brand, Maya ensures this intensive natural care for your hair and skin. Maya believes everyone is beautiful in their own way. But in our hot and humid tropical weather along with winter and heavy pollution, people need special care for skin and hair. Maya provides this care by the power of natural wellness. Because, only nature can ensure best care.

Fixed Oil: Fixed Oils are dense and non-volatile oil collected from yield seeds. Fixed Oil is also called vegetable oil. Worldwide, these oils are widely used for skin and hair care. Maya has brought to you such fantastic premium fixed oils. Maya True Herbs 100% Cold Pressed Organic Marula Oil from Africa

Marula oil is derived from the marula fruit tree (Sclerocarya birrea) of southern Africa. The oil is extracted mostly from the tree's kernels. It is pale golden and has a somewhat nutty aroma. Marula oil has been used for centuries by Zulu women in South Africa and Tsonga women in Mozambique to cure damaged skin, lips, hands, and feet. Now it is widely used all over the world as a moisturizing natural oil.

Dosage & Administration

Skin application- Apply a few drops daily to face, neck, chest, hands, back of arms, or any other place needing increased moisture without any greasy residue for youthful, glowing, healthy-looking skin. Apply 1-2 drops under eyes to remove dark circles and fine lines.

Hair application- Rub few drops on your palm and apply on clean wet hair daily or as needed. If irritation occurs, stop using and consult a physician.

Available Brand Names