Camphor + Menthol + Oil Clove + Oil Eucalyptus + Oil Turpentine


Stiffness, Congestion, Muscle aches, Sprains, Strains, Back pain, Joint pain, Cold, Flu, Catarrh, Headache


Each 100 gm Ointment contains-
  • Camphor 2.5 gm
  • Menthol 2 gm
  • Oil Clove 2 gm
  • Oil Eucalyptus 1.25 gm
  • Oil Turpentine 1 gm


Camphor acts as a cough suppressant & topical analgesic. Eucalyptus Oil acts as a cough suppressant. Menthol acts as a acts as cough suppressant & topical analgesic

Dosage & Administration

Topical: Rub gently 3-4 mintues on the chest and back 2-3 times daily. Cover the rubbed area with warm clothes.

Inhalation: 1 tsf of ointment to be dissolved in boiled water and inhale the steam by mouth or nose as required.


There are no known drug interactions and none well documented.


Children under 3 years. History of convulsion.

Side Effects

Redness, irritation, rash or pruritis may occur with sensitive skin.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy Category-Not Classified. FDA has not yet classified the drug into a specified pregnancy category.

Precautions & Warnings

Avoid contact with eyes. Should not be applied to wounds or damaged skin. Wash hand thoroughly after applying.

Therapeutic Class

Topical Analgesics, Topical anti-inflammatory preparations

Available Brand Names