Multivitamin & Multimineral [A-Z juniors syrup preparation]


This Syrup is indicated for the treatment and prevention of vitamin and minerals deficiencies.


Each 5 ml syrup contains: Vitamin A (As Beta Carotene BP 425 IU, Vitamin A (As Retinol Palmitate) BP 425 IU, Vitamin B1 BP 1 mg, Vitamin B5 BP 3.5 mg, Vitamin B12 USP 3 mcg, Vitamin C BP 67.5 mg, Vitamin D3 BP 137.5 IU, Vitamin E BP 10 IU, Riboflavin Sodium- 5-Phosphate BP 1 mg, Biotin BP 32.5 mcg, Calcium USP 27.5 mg, Choline Bitartrate USP 10 mg, Chromium Ph.Gr. 3.5 mcg, Inositol Ph.Gr. 10 mg, Iodine BP 25mcg, Magnesium Ph.Gr. 7.5 mg, Manganese USP 750 mcg, PABA Ph.Gr. 500 mcg, Potassium USP 7 mg, Selenium USP 17.5 mcg, Zinc USP 2.5 mg.


This syrup contains balanced amounts of all the important vitamins, essential minerals and trace elements. Vitamins are essential substances that are supplied to the body in food. Minerals are indispensable for the metabolism and for growth and regeneration of the body. Finally, trace elements are vital substances which are required by the body in minute quantities but which are not always supplied in the daily food in adequate amounts.

This syrup is used for the prevention and rapid elimination of general vitamin deficiencies. This syrup is used when there is an increased need for vitamins and minerals, particularly during illness, at times of particular exertion and when increased performance is required.

The spectrum of essential nutrients supports healthy development, strong immune function, and emotional and mental vitality. Supplementing a child's diet is the only way to ensure that all nutritional needs are fulfilled.

This syrup provides the optimal dosage of the essential vitamins and minerals with trace elements for infants and children . The great taste makes taking supplements an easy part of a child's daily routine.

Dosage & Administration

For infants up to 1 year: 1 teaspoon syrup daily
For children 1-4 years: 1-2 teaspoon syrup daily
For children 4-12 years: 2-3 teaspoon syrup daily
For adults: 3-4 teaspoon syrup daily


No such interactions have been reported.


Contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to any of its components.

Side Effects

This syrup is generally well tolerated.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Specific information is not available.

Precautions & Warnings

Supplement should not be used in over dosage or continuously except recommended by physicians.

Therapeutic Class

Multi-vitamin & Multi-mineral combined preparations

Storage Conditions

Keep in cool, dry place and away from light.