Anti-malarial drugs
Local & Surface anesthesia
Oral nutritional preparations
Anti-platelet drugs
Anti-platelet drugs
Supplements & adjuvant therapy
Beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs, Beta-blockers
Combined antihypertensive preparations
Combined antihypertensive preparations
CNS stimulant drugs
Other Anti-anginal & Anti-ischaemic drugs, Statins
Non depolarizing muscle relaxants
Anticholinergics (antimuscarinics)/ Anti-spasmodics, Mydriatic and Cycloplegic agents
Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction
Targeted Cancer Therapy
Cytotoxic immunosuppressants
Acne treatment preparations
Nasal Anti-histamine preparations
Angiotensin-ll receptor blocker
Other beta-lactam Antibiotics
Ophthalmic antibacterial drugs
Centrally acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
Irrigation during various surgical procedures of the eyes, ears, nose, throat.
Short-acting selective β2-adrenoceptor stimulants
Contrast medium for diagnostic procedures
Cytotoxic immunosuppressants
Respiratory corticosteroids
Nasal Steroid Preparations