Incepta Pharma leads the way in Viral Vaccine Production in Bangladesh

12 Oct, 2017
Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its focus on quality and timely introduction of much needed essential medications previously unavailable, has enabled Incepta to become the second largest pharmaceutical company in the country.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd, a sister company of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd, is the first human vaccines manufacturing company in Bangladesh with state-of-the-art facilities in compliance with WHO GMP requirements. Its large production capacity, will allow the company to supply its vaccines to both developed and developing countries around the world.

Currently the research team at Incepta are working on Rabies and Measles virus, with SOPs to measure these developed on-site as part of Izon's training programme. Additional types of virus will be measured on this instrument as their research progresses.

Incepta recently purchased Izon's qViro-X as a way to characterize the viral vaccines that it manufactures. qViro-X enables rapid quantitation and analysis of individual virus particles in real-time, for assessment of viral titre and aggregation. The design of the system meets the stringent decontamination requirements necessary for manufacturing and quality control environments.

"Incepta has the pleasure to introduce qViro-X in the first instance in Bangladesh," says Dr. Arpan Maheshwari, General Manager at Incepta Vaccine Limited. "It employs impressive Tunable Resistive Sensing (TRPS) technology for rapid determination of viral concentration in liquid biological samples. This technology, therefore, shows great promise in vaccine research as it has the ability to measure virus concentration in less than 15 minutes, not possible in the conventional methods."

The R&D team at Incepta were attracted to Izon's qViro-X as it measures the individual particles which gives accuracy in concentration, which is crucial in determining vaccine dosage as well as the minimal time that it takes to produce these accurate results.